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setsuna22 replied to your post: Henry and I went to Planned Parenthood today.

ahahaha, how sweet~! I have implanon in my arm and I only have like 1 period a year on that thing (I actually have to go in next week to get it replaced with a new one) I have to say, not having a constant period is pretty damn snazzy

I remember poking it like a week after you got it! I was offered to try it, but the whole “not being able to give it a test drive before having it surgically implanted into my body for 3 years” kinda deterred me…what have you seen as pro/cons with it, if you don’t mind my asking?

  1. caligulaverus said: I’m a boy who has periods and needs birth control… so, just… throwing that out there.
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    Warning, big long post about Implanon BC. Boys might not want to read about periods and such. You have been warned! lol...
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